ByLynne Abrahams, writer at

Well to be honest I didn't expect much of this movie the main reason it even ended up on my watch is because I have a lady crush on Chris Pine.

This movie just grabbed me right from the start and made me want to watch it, i didn't even stand up to grab some popcorn and believe that is huge. It's all the things you want in an action movie, well all the things most girls would want...and guys. It's strong and determined one moment thing completely freakin' mental the next.

Every single action has a reaction in this movie and they all follow through right to the end which is the thing I miss most about movie the follow through of the story.

If you haven't watched it, you should every detail just fits in this movie and it'll have you laughing and rooting for the lovable but utterly unlucky Patrick Wilson.

All I can say is, fucking epic.


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