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I will bathe the star ways in your blood.


  • Shazam

First Choice: Alan Ritchson - He is 12 years younger than Dwayne Johnson which will give the movie that vibe that Shazam is actually a 10 year old kid. He can also bring vast amounts of humor to this role (Blue Mountain State), while portraying a more serious personality (exact same direction Paul Rudd is going in with Ant-Man). However, he does have blonde hair which might not get him the part; but who really cares about matching appearances now since Human Torch will be black. Also he's only 1 year younger than Henry Cavill, so even being a little younger than Superman would be a perfect fit, since Billy Batson is only a kid.

Second Choice: Joe Manganiello - He does have that black hair for Shazam but I would rather see Marvel take him for either Skurge the Executioner in Thor: Ragnarok or Gorgon in The Inhumans. Plus he is only 4 years younger than Dwayne Johnson, and that would be an insane match-up physically.

  • Green Lantern/Hal Jordan

First Choice: Chris Pine - He has that arrogance and wit that Hal Jordan needs. Even though the Green Lantern movie won't come out until 2020, he should have at least a cameo in Justice League Part 2 in 2019. Feels like he was born for this role. Plus he will be done with Star Trek by then so he will be itching to join another big scale franchise.

  • Green Lantern/Jon Stewart

First Choice: David Paul Ramsey - I think that the DC Cinematic Universe will only choose one or the other between Hal Jordan and Jon Stewart. It might be too much to have both. Since they already have Ray Fisher as Cyborg, I'm leaning towards the Hal Jordan approach. Nevertheless David Paul Ramsey is a beast in Arrow and does a perfect job as Diggle. But this role would totally give him the spotlight and make him shine.

  • Martian Manhunter

First Choice: Peter Mensah - The past relationship with Zack Snyder in 300 might be enough of a reason for him to be cast in this role. He also has that exotic/wild type look to his face that will make him stand out; especially if it was green. Unfortunately I don't think he will join the the DC Cinematic Universe until Justice League Part 2 in 2019.

Second Choice: Denzel Washington - Perfect actor but I think he's just a little too old for this role. I'd much rather see him join Marvel as T'Chaka in Black Panther coming out in 2017.

  • Hippolyta

First Choice: Kate Beckinsale - As the mother of Wonder Woman, she needs to be a fierce leader, and be able to show where Princess Diana got her good looks from. I can easily see her training a young Wonder Woman in some flashbacks of the 2017 solo movie.


  • Black Manta

First Choice: Common - Might be one of the coolest villains put on the big screen to face off against Jason Momoa under water. He was bad ass in Wanted so I would love to see him as a villain in a movie with a massive budget.

  • Metallo

First Choice: Callan Mulvey - Just read that article from Ryan Wise containing the possibility of him portraying Bizarro in Dawn of Justice and I think that option is 100% valid. I think the chances of Callan Mulvey playing Metallo and Bizarro are totally 50/50 though because Lex Luthor needs a secret weapon to take out the man of steel, so both Metallo and Bizarro are high contenders for a villain for Dawn of Justice. Mulvey has a totally iconic/original face that could easily be morphed into both Metallo (John Corben) or Bizarro. I'm just leaning a tad towards Metallo showing up versus Bizarro because the Kryptonite factor will play a larger role in the movie if Metallo is involved compared to Bizarro.

  • Ares

First Choice: Eric Bana - Troy was one of my favorite movies and Hector was such a good character. I always wanted a darker, more evil version of Hector in a movie and I think he could do that easily by portraying Ares, the God of War. I think he was just an okay villain in the rebooted Star Trek as Nero. So I think he deserves a second shot as a big time villain. He would do well in the Wonder Woman solo movie coming out 2017.

Second Choice: Gerard Butler - 300 is another one of my favorite movies and once again, I wanted some revenge for his portrayal of Leonidas, and let's face it, an evil version of Leonidas would 150% bad ass. My only issue is that I think Gerard Butler is destined for a far greater evil villainous role, and that is Ganondorf in a live-action Legend of Zelda movie. It's just too easy to picture him with those red side burns. The CGI will be phenomenal with him transforming into the beast, Ganon.

  • Cheetah

First Choice: Olivia Wilde - The most perfect combination of sexyness and bad ass ever. First time I've ever seen her was in Tron Legacy with that short and black hair so I'm really excited for a sequel. A fight scene between Gal Gadot and Olivia Wilde might be the hottest thing ever. So I think she would be a great villain to join Ares in the Wonder Woman solo movie in 2017.

Second Choice: Mailn Akerman - Totally has some feline characteristics along with being smoking hot. I just think she has a little too much humor to be considered a villain in the DC Cinematic Universe. Then again, I think she could definitely pull it off. But she is almost 10 years older than Gadot, whereas Wilde is only a year older.

  • Catwoman

First Choice: Emily Blunt - Catwoman NEEDS to be rebooted. I think Anne Hathaway was okay but it wasn't what I wanted. Definitely need to add that purple suit. I can easily picture her teasing Ben Affleck left and right and making him chase her across the tops of buildings in The Batman. Even though she is 11 years younger than Affleck, she would cause a great dynamic with Jared Leto as the Joker. I think this role suits her way more than Carol Danvers (Ms. Marvel).

  • Deathstroke

First Choice: Sean Bean - Although he is getting a bit older, he has the best personality to pull off a seasoned Deathstroke (just how Affleck can pull off a seasoned Batman). Once again, I emphasize the revenge factor from previous characters such as Ned Stark and Boromir. Ever since watching Goldeneye, I've always enjoyed him as a villain, but Deathstroke will be a whole nother level. It will be tough to beat Manu Bennett from Arrow in my eyes (cuz he does a brilliant job and I can't wait for his return in episode 14) but I think Sean Bean can pull off this character.

  • Sinestro

First Choice: Gary Oldman - I think it will be tough to out-do what Mark Strong did because I think he was one of the few characters that carried the movie back in 2011. So they would need to reboot Sinestro with someone that has consistent performances that are stunning all-around. Gary Oldman has a side to him that can be extremely chilling. Just look at how afraid Harry Potter was of him in the Prisoner of Azkaban.

  • Brainiac

First Choice: Ralph Fiennes - After portraying someone as evil as Lord Voldemort, I feel like this is the right direction for him to escalate to. He had the ability to make everyone scared enough to not even call him by his real name (He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named). His performance was so extreme in Harry Potter, that I am completely confident that he can tap into any character, especially villains. Not many actor could of pulled of Voldemort the way he did. This makes me believe that his eyes opening up to the distress signal that Kal-El sets off in Man of Steel is more probable than possible. Ralph Fiennes and Jesse Eisenberg would be the best duo of villains to helm the opposite side of the Justice League Part 1 in 2017.

  • Darkseid

First Choice: Ron Perlman - He has some villainous demeanor to him and I feel like he could deflect each of the personalities of the Justice League members while simply smiling at them. I really believe Zack Snyder will be able to show this situation in Justice League Part 2 in 2019 and make it believable. He definitely pulled off Hellboy so I hope he does the 3rd one before 2019.

Second Choice: Kevin Grevioux - Based on his stature and appearance, I feel like he could take on the entire Justice League. His smirk in the picture below is exactly what Superman will be looking at after trying everything to take him down. He might be better suited for Marvel though, specifically M'Baku the Man Ape, one of the villains in Black Panther coming out 2017.


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