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Before I start don't go on complaining that this is just another Lucas fan boy rambling on how great he is and the movies are misunderstood blah blah blah. I am here to explain more of the story behind the prequels with logic I have gathered from reading several comments about stars, and looking through varies media. With this I am confident I have founded the reason behind the fall of Lucas and what went wrong with the prequels. First I am starting with the director. George Lucas.

First off I would like to say the man is a Creative genius but not the best director. He introduced us to one of the best fantasy sci-fi universes ever conceived. However do what I have found out the Star Wars franchise could have easily ended in 1977. Reason is Budgets

When Gorge Lucas got green lit for star wars about a year earlier he was given a tight budget so he could not do every thing that he had planned for the film he had to cut back on what he wanted to put in such like the midi-clarions (more on that later) but had not the resources to fully introduce them. Out of this The Star Wars movie was created. So when he saw that his creation became one of the biggest finical Success of all time you can be. The trend continued for the next two movie (why I am not quite sure)

When The phantom menace was in development Fox had no sought in their mind that Star wars would rake in all the cash they wanted so they gave Gorge all the freedom He wanted which was a mistake. You see as all story teller have a dilemma. The story changes over time and if kept in the mind you only focus on the main points (aka the climax) Which is why the Revenge of the Sith was such an improvement and was critically acclaimed higher that The return of the Jedi (not a joke)

Sure this movie is good but not Better then 6
Sure this movie is good but not Better then 6

let that sink in a bit

So Gorge Lucas was created the prequels he had to much freedom and thus the story fell apart. Things came to loosely and he surrounded by yes men who were blinded by Greed to see anything different where there should have been people giving criticism were it was needed then it would have been a film to be remembered and loved by all. But now is the time for you all to be skeptical about all this and saying "what proof do you got here" well if you did ask I say "why are you talking to a computer?" well the answer is right in front of you. On your tv screens.

still waiting for season 7
still waiting for season 7

The clone wars. Or as I like to call them George's redemption. He created like 95% of all the stories there. The reason behind the success is that there was some one who talked back to him, Dave Filoni. Together the He and George brought life into the prequel universe. He created stories of clone soldiers, Darth Maul's revival and midi-chlorians.

Overall the man is a good story teller and Needs to polish up his directing skills. But needs to work on his dialogue, love story, and choice in casting (0_ 0) (looks at Hayden). So I believe that he should direct one more Star Wars related movie (With pressure of coarse) to redeem himself (though the fans have broken his spirit)


So do you hate Mr Lucas


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