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Rejoice gore hounds! We've rounded up some of the most bloody and gore filled scenes from your favorite films for you to enjoy, in GIF form! People watch horror movies for all kinds of reasons and gore is by far one of the most popular, it's not for everyone but the hardcore fans swear by it.

Let's get started and hopefully you aren't squeamish!

Nightmare on Elm Street

Such an iconic scene from a great film. The Nightmare series was always great at delivering unique and over the top kills but this has to be one of my favorites. The set was made upside down so all the blood could be poured down but have the illusion of going up, good stuff.

Evil Dead 2

Evil Dead 2 has no shortage of gory moments but this is one pf my favorites. The first time they tried to film the scene the blood just hit the cellar door and fell backwards, instead of spraying outward, almost drowning the actor. Fifty-Five gallons of fake blood is a lot after all.

While we are on the subject you can't forget this priceless scene.

This had to be one of the final scenes filmed as it destroyed a lot of the set.

Evil Dead (2013)

This is just epic! so much blood spray while it's raining blood! This would be very cold and unpleasant to film at least the actors say so. This scene is noted as one of the scenes requiring more fake blood to be used that almost any other movie.

Cabin in the Woods

This seems like what you would expect a room to look like if almost every monster from every movie was released in a room to slaughter. Fun scene from an equally fun movie.

Dead Alive

Dead Alive is the definition of a cult classic and one of the goriest movies ever made. One of Peter Jackson's early films, I wish he would do another like this! The scene above is pretty iconic but it offers a lot more, like this for example.

Or how about this?

Or this piece of mentally scaring gore.

These are just the tip of the iceberg, the whole final act of the film is nonstop splatter.


Okay admit it, you knew this was going to be on the list. Not too extreme but such an iconic scene from a classic film. Poor Carrie, she never sees it coming.

The Shining

A lot of famous scenes from this amazing movie so of course this makes the list. Just look at all of that blood!


This was one of the most realistic gore scenes ever when it first came out and it still holds up today, the whole movie does. Such a shocking and bloody scene, you got to love it!

The Thing

The Thing had some pretty crazy stuff in it but the dog scene really stand out. This creature was just a huge nasty pile of blood and gore with a dog head, so gnarly. The worst part was this fleshy flower appendage it had.

Make sure you let us know what your favorite gore scene is in the comments below!


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