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Matthew Chapman

Wow this is some screwed up shit!


This is no stoner comedy like Kevin Smith’s previous directorial works; this is a dark comedy – with a focus on the dark part!

For those of you who don’t know, the story is based on an ad that was placed on Gumtree where a free room was offered to anyone who would dress up as a walrus for two hours each day, communicate as a walrus; not as a human and eat the fish and crabs that are supplied to you.

It has a small but good cast with the most focus being on Justin Long and Michael Parks. Wallace Bryton (Long) is an arrogant douchebag but in the end you still feel sorry for him and his very unfortunate situation.

I was kind of surprised that he did actually get turned into a walrus. I was waiting for him to be rescued or even fixed before the full transformation.

The costume design is really good; you can tell it’s a walrus but one that has been pieced together.

There are lots of cameos (Johnny Depp and Ralph Garman), appearance’s by Kevin Smith and Johnny Depp’s daughters and tidbits to Smith’s previous works and podcasts. More information and trivia can be found here.

I found Johnny Depp and his character of Guy Lapointe really over the top (as a movie about a guy who gets turned into a walrus can be) and kind of actually ruined the flow for me.

An enjoyable movie that can be watched more than once (not in close proximity to one another) and I will probably even buy when it comes out in Australia.


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