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United We Stand, Divided We Fall
Jo Isnain

To all of you Pitch Perfect fans and also to the people who are actually reading this there is good news some of you know it some of you don't, but the trailer for Pitch Perfect 2 has been released and it was released on November didn't expect that didn't we?

Don't spoil the surprise to the people who haven't watched the trailer yet party poopers.

I know it's not much but we did hear music didn't we? Lets take a quick tour of what's in it for Pitch Perfect 2 like I said don't spoil the surprise party poopers.

The Bellas are back in action!

Back to sing
Back to sing
Back to school(college I mean)
Back to school(college I mean)
Back for practice
Back for practice

The Barden Bellas were the most recent ICCA champions but now they're taking it to the world (geez sounds like step up right?)

Back with new...


Bumper's Back!

Bumper had to join the old people group that he teased in the first movie.

Trebles are back!

They're back with new people with new addition

The new Bellas

Some new rivals unknown names

Pitch Perfect will be the most best movie of 2015 of course next to Avengers Age Of Ultron.


What do you think of the Pitch Perfect 2 trailer?


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