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Matthew Chapman

I could barely remember the first movie, so I had to rewatch it before watching the sequel.

If you didn’t know beforehand, these movies are just action, blood, violence, sex and nudity. If you expect anything more, don’t watch these movies.

Both these are movies that you can turn your brain off, just sit back and enjoy.

I would have to say that I preferred 300: Rise Of An Empire better than the first movie. I was under the impression that it takes place after the first movie but learnt pretty early that it takes place the same time as the first, just centering on a different person/group.

It does have a heavy use on the CGI but it is based on a comic book so action scenes and deaths are heavily exaggerated, which they bring to the screen.

There is also a heavy use of the spray tan, make up for the fake abs and the oil to make the muscles glisten.

Both movies have a pretty good cast but Eva Green steals the show for me; she does crazy really, really well and also has some pretty awesome costumes!

Some decent films, if you don’t go into them expecting too much and ones you can watch multiple times.


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