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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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There's no better time than the post-holiday season to delve back into the worlds of your favorite TV shows and games. You've still a few days left to burn and the family have shipped off back to their respective hobbit holes. Success! The perfect time to switch off your phone, close the curtains and get lost for hours until the fictional and real worlds become messy, intertwined and burnt into dried retinas.

And what fun is time off without the obligatory binging of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and AMC's The Walking Dead? Or better yet, what if the two could be merged somehow, to allow a more succinct devouring of their fantastical and savory delights?! Imagine Michonne, the level 80 Redguard with over 80xp two-handed katana skills. What would that look like?

The Walking Dead: Namira's Folly

Tumblr user ricky-grimes has gone some way to figure out the puzzle, by combing the two behemoths of entertainment via the magic of gifs. Check them out!

No Lesser Soul Gem?

Fussing about inside a walker can be nasty work. Shame there's no mead or even a few arrows on offer to make up for it! Not even a lockpick?! Stendarr save me!

Paralyzing Strike

Rick is merely level 20 here? I think that's a bit unfair. But he is rather handy with a machete. Chalk up some more points to intimidation too.

Master Trader

There's only one way of going about this: use Unrelenting Force to blow these fools away and hit them with a barrage of fireballs. Or invite them in for a lovely mug of old tea.

Shadow Warrior

It's bad enough waking from your slumber without the warmth of your Lover's Comfort, but I hope Rick unlocked his Backstab perk to sneakily finish his unaware opponent.

RIght, I must return to Tamriel, but these Skyrim and TWD mash-ups were brilliant!

What do you guys think?

(Image Source: ricky-grimes via tumblr)


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