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Now, I'm not exactly someone who tears up at movies. I've sat through countless "emotional" flicks with a stony face and cheeks as dry as the Sahara desert. But if there is one movie which came close to breaking through my harsh, barren exterior, it was Toy Story 3. Seriously. I almost blubbed like a baby when watching that film.

Now, we've discovered that the plot of Toy Story 3 could have been rather different - although it still looks like it would have provided an emotional slap to the face.

Some new keyframe and concept art from Circle 7's unmade version of Toy Story 3 has just arrived online and it shows a version of the film which sees Woody and the gang travelling the globe to save Buzz Lightyear.

What Was The Story?

The story, which was created by Meet The Parents scribe Jim Herzfeld, would have seen a sickly Buzz Lightyear begin to malfunction. With nowhere else to go, the other toys decide to send Buzz to his original Taiwanese manufacturer with the hope they can repair him.

However, later they discover there has been a huge recall on Buzz Lightyear toys, meaning all those returned to the manufacturer will be destroyed.

Fearing this is the fate that awaits Buzz, the rest of the toys also try to make it to Taiwan to save their friend.

Meanwhile, Buzz has been getting to know the other rejected recalled toys in the factory - including what appears to be a Transformers action figure.

Ultimately, it seems this version did feature some tense scenes in which Buzz must escape destruction...

While there also appears to be a scene in which the toys must "operate on" and potentially revive an unconscious Buzz...

In some ways, we can see some themes and elements which did make it into the final film. For example, both versions seem to deal with the concept of rejected toys - as well as a kind of prison camp for them. Furthermore, both appear to feature a scene in which the toys teeter on the edge of fiery destruction.

Ultimately, it's unclear why this version of the story wasn't used. Perhaps it was thought the toys going to Taiwan was a bit far-fetched, while some of these images do suggest a tone that might be too dark for an animated family film.

Furthermore, we can assume that Buzz Lightyear toys are probably about 10 years old at this point, making a recall of them seem rather unlikely.

New Toys and Characters

As well as a different storyline, this version of Toy Story 3 also looked like it was going to introduce a new line of toys and characters. Here is some concept art for the ones we didn't see.

Personally, I'm glad we got the version we did in the end. I think one the main elements of the story was the toys having to deal with Andy's leaving for college, and the rejection that came from that. Generally, that's what provided the emotional heart to the movie, and although the version shown above does seem to pull on the heartstrings, I think it perhaps does it in a less endearing way.

What do you think?


Would you have preferred to see this version of Toy Story 3?

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