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When it comes to super-heroism, there aren't too many heroes out there who can match the fundamental all-around decency of Captain America. After all, he's not the living symbol of the very best elements of America for nothing.

As it turns out, though, Cap isn't the only man to wear the red, white and blue to have proven himself worthy of carrying his iconic shield - Chris Evans, who plays the hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is doing a pretty darned great job of being a hero in real life, too.

The actor recently headed to Boston, where he was set to attend a fundraiser at the Boston Redsox's Fenway Park for the local charity Christopher's Haven - a specially designed residence for kids suffering from cancer (and their families) to live while battling the disease.

Cancer being even worse than the Red Skull.
Cancer being even worse than the Red Skull.

That, though, was just the beginning of what the actor had planned. Rather than simply turning up to the event, smiling politely, and heading off to take a well-earned break after filming Avengers: Age of Ultron, Evans - who was born in Boston, and raised in nearby Sudbury - decided to go ahead and make a young fan's year.

The fan? Nine-year-old Kenny Botting, a young resident of Christopher's Haven, who is currently fighting against a brain tumor.

Evans' incredibly touching gesture? He surprised Kenny at Christopher's Haven - not only bringing gifts, but hanging out with the young hero and his family.

You can check out exactly how awesome - and touching - the whole thing was just below, as reported by CBS...

Now, just the fact that Evans cares enough to take the time to visit a seriously unwell fan is awesome by itself - but there are three things here that - to me - make this extra special.

1. Evans is Clearly Having a Great Time

Which isn't too surprising, since this isn't his first time working with Christopher's Haven. He's been supporting the incredible organization for years...

2. Evans Let Himself Get Tied Up

Which, for a part-time superhero, must be a tough thing to bear.

And, most of all...

3. Kenny Botting is a Bad-Ass

Seriously, how cool is that kid?

I mean, his hero - Captain freakin' America - just turned up unexpectedly, and his response is to be as cool as a goddamn cucumber.

And to tie him up. To a chair.

I mean, I'm pretty sure that puts him at least on par with Loki when it comes to Marvel bad-assery, and that's a pretty awesome place to be.

The best part, though?

Evans Knows He's Not the Only Hero Around

And nor is Cap...
And nor is Cap...

After all, there are a whole lot of real-life heroes out there: young kids fighting against cancer like Kenny, their determined families and the good people at Christopher's Haven are all just as much a hero as Captain America - as are thousands of others around the country who're fighting the very same battle against cancer.

And, y'know what? It's pretty darned fantastic that Chris Evans took the time to shine a light on just how awesome they all are.

Just like Cap would've done.

You can find out more about Christopher's Haven right here, or on its Facebook page here.

What do you guys reckon, though?


Who's the biggest hero here?

Source: CBS via ComicBookMovie


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