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Hello Fellow Creators! If you're reading this and you're a NEW Creator, i.e you've just recently started writing for MP, then you my friend, are in the right place!

Unless you're not.

In which case you should find the right place and be in it, because...well, that's where all the hints, tips and tricks are for how to be the BEST MP Creator that YOU can be! (are? Should there be an "are" here? Too many are's? I don't know)

Now, before I begin, let me tell you that I've been writing for MP for over a year, which in my over-obsessed fangirl brain, qualifies me to help out all you new writers (and maybe a few looking to join, but unsure?) and let you know how to make the most out of writing for such a great site!

Warning: This post will contain GIFs and a whole lot of advice that you probably never asked for, but that I'm going to give you anyway!

Emma Stone's ready, are you?
Emma Stone's ready, are you?

Let's jump right in with the most obvious tip of all,

1. Write!

Never stop WRITING!
Never stop WRITING!

Seems pretty obvious, and goes without saying, but the key thing is to WRITE. Keep spinning out articles, and keep self-evaluating your work, eventually, you'll find your own writing style and it'll get easier and easier to spin out an article. Don't let yourself get discouraged by outside factors, remember, even if you're not at your best now, with time and practice, you easily can be! Practice makes perfect, people!

2. Read Other People's Articles!

Don't let Sam distract you! Reeeeead!
Don't let Sam distract you! Reeeeead!

This one is less obvious, but for New Creators, it's a really good start! Especially if you're someone who's never written before. Have a look at the articles of a Creator you like, or one of the staff writers, or popular writers, and see how they structure and set up their posts. Look at what kinds of articles they write, how they write them, and who their audience is. Are they someone who writes lengthy in-depth articles? Maybe they write short, snappy and fun pieces? Do they use a lot of pictures/GIFs? Maybe they share fan-art, or write crazy theories? Whatever it is, find out what they're writing style is, and use that to help you determine what YOUR writing style will be. There are hundreds of Creators/Writers here, finding your own voice, style and personality is the most important thing!

3. Write About What YOU Love!

If it get's you THIS excited, write about it!
If it get's you THIS excited, write about it!

Presumably you came to MP to write about what you love, right? So continue to do that. Whether it's huge Hollywood movies like "Interstellar", Superhero Movies like "Age of Ultron" or "Batman V Superman", TV Shows, Web Series, small indie movies that few people have heard of, comics, books to movies, games - whatever it is, if YOU love it, write about it! Don't be dissuaded by a lack of views or thousands or comments, there's bound to be someone who loves what you love, and when they come across your articles, you'll be glad you continued writing about it!

4. Self-Promote...SELF-Promote...SELF-PROMOTE!!!!

Sleep is unimportant, SELF PROMOTE!!
Sleep is unimportant, SELF PROMOTE!!

I LIVE by this tip. Seriously. If you don't already share your articles absolutely EVERYWHERE, do so! Your friends and family are bound to be interested in your writing for MP, so let them know and share your articles on Facebook! Make it public so everyone and anyone can see it, and don't forget those hashtags! If you prefer to keep your Facebook private, understandable, then skip the Facebook sharing, and move on to phase 2 - Twitter!

EVERYONE's on Twitter, if you're not on it, GET ON IT! Start talking to and interacting with your target fanbase/audience to gain followers and tweet out your articles as you write them! And again, don't forgot those hashtags! Phase 3 - Google + Now I don't claim to be an expert on Google +, 99% of the time I really have no idea what I'm doing, but all you need to do, is share the link to your article on your profile, throw in a billion hashtags, and that's it!

The key to Self-Promoting, is essentially making sure that you're active on social media! If views, comments and shares are what you're after, then you need to build up a fanbase for your work, and the best, fastest and easiest way to do that, is via social media. So get on Twitter, get on Google+, get on Tumblr and anything else, and SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!

And that's it!

Those are all the tips I can give you. So remember to write, find your writing style, make sure it's about what you love/like and SHARE it absolutely everywhere! If you get featured on MP's Facebook page - Great!, If not - it's nothing to worry about, the world isn't ending, and if you stick by number 4 and share your articles everywhere, you wont even need to be featured! Reach out to your fanbase, they're there, you just have to find them!

Happy Writing, Creators!

p.s. If you're not a Creator and you'd like to be, sign up here!


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