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I for one have become increasingly overwhelmed with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. At first it was amazing, the first Phase and then Avengers. That was like a whole epic story in and of itself. Then we moved on to Phase Two that will end with Age of Ultron.

However, between the movies and TV shows coming out, the overarching storylines and characters, I have slowly become disenchanted by the magic of Marvel. As of now, there are two concurring TV shows, Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter and two more movies on the horizon. This is a lot of saturation of Marvel.

I feel as though Marvel is really kicking it up a notch, releasing as much as they can before DC catches on, and they are hoping for the best. However, I for one, can see what they are doing to themselves.

Eventually, Marvel will have to create more original, non-arching story lines. The storyline of the Tesseract and the Infinity Gauntlet, when all is said and done will consist of almost 20 movies. In essence, for people not aware of the comics, not aware of the other movies, will have to start from Iron Man 1 just to understand what the storyline is and how all the character connect. That is a lot to handle.

By the time the Infinity War begins, the movie makers will only be making the movies for the fans, and they will need to try very hard to enable non-fans to get excited for a storyline that has so much backstory and movie attachments, it makes the Old Testament look like Mary Had a Little Lamb.

The problem is that Marvel was great when we only had the first Avengers movie. It was 5 movies and then The Avengers, an easy enough pill to swallow. Now we have Phase 2 and 3 coming and then phase 4 even further down the line, this is getting a little overwhelming.

Agent Carter
Agent Carter

Eventually everyone will be so enthused by Marvel, that the movies they will release will bomb, and no one will see them except the comic book fans and those following the storyline up to now.

Agent Carter starts showing on TV soon, and the rumor is that the events in the show lead up to Age of Ultron, same is to be said with Agents of SHIELD. So now, that is more that people need to catch up on in order to be in line with the Ultron Story line.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is an amazing idea, don't get me wrong. However, eventually it will become boring, formulaic and uninteresting. I believe that Marvel and Disney have a lot of work to do in order to be able to market Marvel movies to people in the future.

So far Disney and Marvel are safe, but they are reaching a point where the same thing is happening to video games. The games are the same, different graphics, different stories, but still the same things we've seen over and over again.


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