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2014 was a wonderful year for film and also a great year for movie trailers, some trailers being better than the movies themselves! Here are my personal favorite trailers that released in 2014!


Of course for me the best trailer of 2014 was the one for J.J Abrams' upcoming "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" it reminded us why we love the original trilogy so much. The music and visuals were excellent and an overbearing sense of panic and urgency made this trailer one that I couldn't stop watching.


Captain America: The Winter Soldier was a movie that came out of nowhere. Cap's first movie was good but nothing exceptional but the Russo brothers made an excellent flick here that had a great marketing team behind it. This second trailer for the film really gave us an insight into the darker side of the Marvel universe and that Captain America is going to fight his most deadly and most personal enemy yet.


Christopher Nolan's science fiction epic was one that certainly divided movie fans. Personally I adore the film and its one of my favorites of the year and every single trailer that came out for the film got me more and more excited to see it. The first two trailers had quite a somber and dreary tone to them yet this third trailer really showed us the exploration side to the film and the fun aspect it had.


Its no secret that I wasn't a huge fan of the most recent Hobbit film and that's a shame, because this trailer blew me away! It was emotional, exciting and the musical score behind it was exceptional. I personally feel like the trailer did a better job of setting up the final battle than the actual film did.


Mad Max: Fury Road was a film I was skeptical about, until this second trailer dropped recently. It gave us a good look at the insanity that is sure to feature heavily in the film as well the explosive action and beautiful set pieces.


Without a doubt one of the most memorable trailers in recent memory is the one for "AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON", the dark and frankly quite creepy tone was unexpected but very welcome. The action looks great but it looks like our favorite Marvel heroes might be in some serious danger.


The trailer for Whiplash made this small indie film one of my most anticipated of the entire year. It starts off with a J.K Simmons giving advice to Miles Teller in a friendly way but then quickly flips around when we learn that Simmons is playing the most destructive and frankly violent music teacher we've ever seen. Many times while watching this trailer I have stopped breathing because of tense it is.


David Fincher's "Gone Girl" is my favorite movie of the year and the second trailer for the film was almost as good as the film itself. The trailer gives no clue whatsoever as to what might be going on and the score by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross sets a very dark atmosphere. The tension keeps building and building in this perfectly edited together trailer.


Nightcrawler was a film I knew very little about but when I first saw this trailer in the theater I was very, very interested. The song by Jetta has now become one of the most used songs in 2014 trailers, also being featured in "Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes" and "Terminator: Genisys" trailers. Jake Gyllenhaal is terrifying in the film and the marketing team did a great job of representing him in the trailer. This trailer did a great job of capturing the unique tone of Nightcrawler.


One of the most thrilling and tense trailers of the year goes to AMERICAN SNIPER, the upcoming Clint Eastwood directed war film starring Bradley Cooper as the most deadly sniper in US history, Chris Kyle. The trailer is emotionally compelling, showing us a man that longs to be with his wife and child yet has a responsibility to fight for his country.


The first two trailer for Bryan Singer's latest X-Men film had a very somber tone to them, but that all changed when this third trailer gave us a much more accurate look at the actual tone of the film. We got a much better look at the action and a better idea of the plot.

So there are my 11 favorite trailers from the year of 2014! Which trailer was your favorite this year? Make sure to let me know in the comments!


Which trailer was your favorite from 2014?


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