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United We Stand, Divided We Fall
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Another fan-made trailer by Alex Luthor but this time is our favorite sorcerer supreme Dr Strange!

By the eye of agamotto show me the fan-made trailer
By the eye of agamotto show me the fan-made trailer

Although it didn't show Benedict Cumberbatch but it did show Luke Evans become Dr Strange and it was awesome.

Thanos makes a cameo

Nothing says strange than seeing Thanos in the movie

The Ancient One played by Ken Watanabe

There were 3 actors in the run to play The Ancient One for Dr Strange Ken Watanabe,Morgan Freeman and Bill Nighy and we see Ken Watanabe hope we get to see him in the real movie.

The dark dimension has been opened

Dark dimension the home of Dormammu ruler of the dark dimension.

The Eye of Agamotto

Seeing this happen made me wonder why would he do that (just a fan-made trailer)

Dormammu unleashed!

Dormammu has excaped from the dark dimension and into our world.

Dr Strange vs Dormammu

Never forget WHO I AM!
Never forget WHO I AM!

I'm Dr Strange!


What do you think of the Fan-Made trailer?


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