ByChris Tharp, writer at

Are you one of the MANY people who are fans of the popular, yet no longer on TV, show "Young Justice"? If so than it might bring joy to you to hear that there are some people out there who just won't let the idea that it was cancelled go. And why should they? It's only one of the most famous animated shows to ever be released by WB/DC and its fan base is one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, out of all superhero animation. If you've never seen it before than you should check it out, even though they only have the first season, while it's still on Netflix. Rumors of a reboot or a continuation (Season 3) are circling around the anticipated return of the Young Justice characters in a crossover episode with Teen Titans Go! but i think we all can agree that's just not what we're looking for. i was doing some research about the shows return (still not looking good) and stumbled across a GoFundMe page made specifically for the resurrection of the Young Justice TV series. I reached out to creator of the page, who for the article will remain unnamed, for further information regarding the GoFundMe page. Specifically, if the 5 episodes they promised on the page is OFFICIAL, where was the money for the fundraiser going, how soon could we expect to see something come of it, and how he could make such a promise without the permission or even the acknowledgement from WB/DC. As it turns out he hadn't asked for permission yet and said that we shouldn't expect anything any time soon. Also, that he would remove the advertisements of the page until further notice. "However, when/if i get the green light for this, it will be official." he said. So for all you diehard YJ fans, keep your heads up and keep up the support. The return of your favorite teenage superheroes may very well be underway. Don't forget to tune into the Young Justice/Teen Titans Go! crossover to potentially raise the demand and ratings for the YJ return.


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