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Director Sam Macaroni is no stranger to making a splash on the internet with his short films. After working with the likes of Jackass' own Steve-O and doing voices for Mike Judge's Beavis and Butthead, he then went onto garnered over 2.5 million hits with his parody on Disney's acquisition of LucasFilm, simply called Star Wars VII: Return of the Empire.

Liz Katz as Leia.
Liz Katz as Leia.

Now it seems that Macaroni is forming a new dynamic duo between himself and Oscar winning practical effects company studioADI. They first tested the team up waters by contributing their replica of the famous Bat-Mobile to Sam's Bat-Rap (shown above) titled Batman: The Creep Crusader.

"I met Tom and Alec through a mutual friend and we bonded quickly over our love of practical effects and awesome films."

Sam told me, when I reached him for comment.

"I toured their studio and spotted Tom's awesome Batmobile. I was just getting ready to shoot a Batman spoof so it was incredible luck. Tom (Woodruff, Jr) and Alec (Gillis) are like big kids."

It's easy to see, from the behind the scenes footage that goes along with the video, that all involved love the material.

We'd like to give a special meow-out to Miss Liz Katz, as Catwoman.

...and we ride, and we ride, and we ride...
...and we ride, and we ride, and we ride... friends for life... friends for life...

Ahem, uh anyway, what were we saying? Oh yeah!

Now, Macaroni and ADI are at it again with the new short film DIMWITS - GORILLA ROOMMATE, staring Dian Bachar and Nathan Barnatt.

"During the tour of their studio I also spotted that anamatronic gorilla suit. I wrote a sketch just to use it."

That's the before mentioned Tom Woodruff, Jr as The Gorilla, who is also known for playing such iconic creatures as Gill Man from Monster Squad, The Alien from Alien3 and Resurrection, The Lion in Jumanji, and Goro in Mortal Kombat, just to name a few. He's also the director of the upcoming demon film Fire City: Interpreter of Signs and the producer of Harbinger Down, directed by Alec Gillis and starring Lance Henriksen. More behind the scenes videos, show that these guys can bring the awesome to any set.

So, what's next for Sam Macaroni?

"Next up is an awesome Knight Rider spoof. It's really twisted but funny. I've always been a director, but youtube has allowed me to really take it to the next level."

You can see more of Sam's films on his You Tube Channel, HERE.


What Sam Macaroni film do you like the most?


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