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The end is here.

Is it me? or is this a really sad day for sitcoms and rom-coms?

Selfie, as far as I'm concerned, has come to an end. (I'm still hoping for a good news that says Selfie has been picked for a second season!)

It has been a very special journey what Selfie has given us. Sadly, this incredible piece of television delivered its final episode with a lesson about maturity, acceptance and facing new challenges. As the characters that we have come to love are ready for the next step in their fictional lives, we are not ready to say goodbye.

I honestly don't feel in the mood to write this review, I know that when I'm done I will have to say goodbye to Eliza and Henry, and everyone in Kinderkare Pharmaceutical, and I don't want to. Bare with me, this may take a while.

Let's start in the beginning, Eliza opens this episode explaining how when she was just 13 she was "Most Butt", the unpopular girl that when invited to Corynn McWaters sleepover was victim of one atrocious haircut. She has taken those experiences to transform into the glam-smoking-hot-fierce woman she is today. That includes however a makeover routine of about 3 hours.

Due to the time that it takes Eliza to transfrom into Eliza, she has missed the Kinderkare Women in Pharma lunch, something that Henry is fully aware of. He tells her she shouldn't miss oportunities like this, since she could find a role model that can take her to the next path in her life.

Eliza's next mission. Find a fabulous role model.

She tries Joan, but when her best advice just doesn't cut it, she goes afer Charmonique, however her "modeling" days are over. (She modeled while in college, and Eliza now venerates her modeling hand). Eliza then decides to pursue another option. The mean girl that made her decide to transform, the one and only Corynn McWaters.

Corynn lives what appears to be a dreamy life, husband, kids, new book. And even when Henry encourages to look for another option, she decides to catch up with Corynn at a book reading for her new brain-child. At the reading Eliza discovers that Corynn has stolen her past, she tells the audiences that she was "Most Butt" and that she was the victim of everything Eliza was the real victim of.

Eliza is outraged! She stands up and tells the audience that she is the real Corynn McWaters. Of course, thankfully, Henry is there to try and stop it. He makes her understand that Corynn is a mean person who will never be truly happy in life, and the next day they confront her.

After burning Corynn about her state in life and learning from Henry that she is even cooler than she thinks she is, Eliza walks away from Corynn ready to face her own past, and learn from it.

That night in the mirror, she removes all the role models and hair-inspirations she had and replaces them with "Most Butt". The 13 years old Eliza would be happy to see that she grew up to have a successful career, a smoking-hot boyfriend and a great life. She needs no other role model, she is her own role model.

In the meantime, Henry is learning lessons of his own. While Eliza is looking for role models, he has accidentally become one for Charmonique's son. Since Eliza thought Henry did skateboarding as a child, now is his task to teach the young boy.

However, it is revealed that Henry was a poser. He never skated, was terrified of doing so, and when faced with the possibility he is pushed to take the chance. He fails, epically. But he learns a lesson.

"No Fear" is his new motto, and is the kids in the skate park that give him the best epiphany of his life when they ask about his GF. He says Eliza is not his GF (girlfriend) but only his friend. However he does brag about seeing her naked, but not making a move on that. "Next Time I'll Be Ready", Henry states to the boys.

Sadly, we won't have a next time, but we know that when the next time touches his door, Henry will remember "No Fear" and will jump on the chance of a Happy Ending with Eliza. We will just always look for a chance to see that "next time".

The end.

I'm sad to see this is how it ends, not because it was a bad ending, but because it was an ending open to many possibilities that we won't be able to see come true. It is however still a great way to see the show end.


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