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My fist post! I wanted to write about the absent werewolf problem in the silver screen. Vampires and Zombies are good an all but there are my howling furry monsters at? Werewolves are still great horror film icons and we need a return made soon. I’d like to point some of the non believers and some of the fans to the following list of what I consider to be the top ten best Werewolf movies.

1. “Dog Soldiers” (2002)

Most of you might have seen the descent…one of the best horror movies in the last ten years, 2006. However, this movie right here outweighs the descent in glory…that’s right this movie is awesome. The story: Typical soldiers in Scotland battle with werewolves in some farm. The result: as dumb as it sounds I promise you this movie will be the best werewolf movie you’ll ever see.

2. “Bad Moon” (1996)

This movie is worth watching just for the scenes in which the dog pees on the werewolf’s home and when the werewolf returns the favor. Seriously, this undeservingly underrated film from Eric Red, writer of The Hitcher and Near Dark, presents a comic and tense story of a man (Michael Paré) who moves into his sisters home (or parks behind it) after returning from a trip. The families German Shepherd soon discovers that the uncle is a werewolf, and the dog’s loyalty and unwavering dedication to his family makes lassie look like crap lol.

3. “An American Werewolf in London” (1981)

An American traveler (David Naughton) and his bro (Griffin Dunne) encounter a werewolf after leaving one of those odd England bars where locals talk in cryptic talk of their curses. One of the bros turns out to be be puppy chow and then ghost/zombie bro while the other runs around naked and chills with wolves. Blood and guts, this John Landis classic is filled with dark humor and has a hauntingly amazing transformation seen — thanks to the makeup genius Rick Baker.

4. “Ginger Snaps” (2000)

Even before the werewolf comes into play these sisters are dark and moody. Afterward tho Ginger is down right freaky. She goes from outcast to animalistic charged vixen. Her transformation is slow and it seems to be permanent when complete so that was a nice change to the werewolf mythology in film…though I could do without the tail? Anyway by far the best high school werewolf film ever made…yea up yours Michael Jay Fox and your teenwolf.

5. “Audie and the Wolf” (2008)

This indie flick never made it to theaters, yet it wowed werewolf buffs at the 2009 Another Hole in the Head film festival in San Francisco. The movie is a nice gory story, filled with dark humor, and a love story between a punk-rocker girl (Audie) and a unlucky werewolf, who tries do do right…wonderful story that brings to mind american werewolf in london for our generation. Though honestly, some will love it and some will hate it. A very divisive film.

6. “The Company of Wolves” (1984)

Neil Jordan’s twisted, and wonderfully dark, take on the “Little Red Riding Hood” fable is a mind grenade of twisted visions and sexuality. Granny (Angela Lansbury) scares the bejeezus out of her grand daughter by telling her Grimm stories about beastly things hiding out in the dark side of the woods. This trance-like film is a must watch.

7. “Wolf Man” (2009 and 1941)

Now the old movie though a classic is a little cheesy and stale…true story. Geez hate me if you want. The remake though a little predictable stayed true to the classic and added its own twists and turns. Not to mention that our modern FX really helped. The movie plot? A brother returns home to seek his brother…a werewolf bites him…he goes all howl at the moon in no time…tragic ending. Underrated in my opinion.

8. “Silver Bullet” (1985)

In the rich tapestry of Stephen King films, to some this film is a nick nack to be forgotten. But bros’…and sis’…this movie is a treasure. No horror list is ever truly complete without Mr. King. Also check out the book that inspired the movie “Cycle of the Werewolf,” which is filled with incredible art by the one-and-only Bernie Wrightson.

9. “An American Werewolf in Paris” (1997)

While it pales in compared to its predecessor — mostly because the crappy CGI effects — An American Werewolf in Paris continues with An American Werewolf in London’s sense of humor and has a much more complex story line. Plus the love between the main two is far more believable.

10. “The Brotherhood of the Wolf” (2002)

Crazed, dark and — wait for it — wonderfully fun, this French film is a must for horror buffs seeking a werewolf film that thinks outside the box. Partly based on a historical fact…yes it is.. the french really had a wollf like creature that was huge and murderous and this films uses that to create its mythos. Kind of long and not really a werewolf movie, if not it would have been higher on the list, but the movie is so awesome that you just forget the time is ticking away.

Honorable Mentions

Wolfen 1981

At the height of the werewolf 80’s era. It follows a detective (Albert Finney) investigating a series of murders in which the victims have been seemingly killed by an animal (poor animals always being blamed…). Wonderful use of POV perspective through the eyes of the predator and the Native American aspect made me enjoy this oldie.

The Howling (1981)

The effects in are awesome, the transformation scene is downright chilling and CGI free. Karen White, a respected news reporter, is scarred after an encounter with a killer almost costs her life. Karen then visits a respected psychologist who tells her to attend a retreat called “the colony” … but while there her nightmare gets worse, still able to give scares even by today's standards but the story lacks…at least to me…

“WOLF” (1994)

This movie is worth watching just like “Bad Moon” just for the scene where Nicholson pisses all over a James Spader’s shoes. In all seriousness, Mike Nichols (The Graduate) lends his awesomely dark technique to this movie - the result is a solemn, classic tone of psychological drama. There's is great balance in this film. From the well written humor to the slow mo action sequences…this movie does not fail.

Have any good werewolf recommendations? Let me know.

Till next time I'm Marc Mora and I wish you all a happy new years.


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