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The little sponge of the sea is making a big come back. This time in this movie they will be out of water obviously. This movie is based on the NIckelodeon TV show Spongebob Squarepants created by Stephen Hillenburg. This is gonna be big comparing back to The Spongebob movie (2004). This movie is supposed to be releasing on February 6th 2015 which now that you think about it its not that far. So if you click down here there will be the trailer one and trailer two.

So if you see the animation is different, and by a experiment i did with my followers and friends (on instagram) I got that they like the old spongebob better. Well to be honest yea the old on does look better from the 1990s. I guess were just not ready to give up the original.

So the plot of the story is that if you saw both trailers, that is pirate guy got this book but needs the last page (the Krabby Patty formula) to have this power to have the evil plans in his book to come true. For what I'm guessing is that plankton is teaming up with the pirate guy because I saw a plane that looked like him and he was dropping tardar sauce. So anyway for not having the Krabby Patty formula in Bikini Bottom there starts an apocalypse for having the secret Krabby Patty formula, and this is another guess but I think after plankton teams up with the pirate guy he now teams up with Spongebob and the gang. They now have to the the book from the pirate so the apocalypse can stop. So when they go through this portal and go on to land. So what i think they try to do in the first place is they try to get the humans back into water but they really cant do that. So they set off to find the pirate guy cause if you saw the second trailer Spongebob smelled Krabby Patty's from the surface so he already started to make them. Later on in the story they get the book (or paper form the book I should say) and are somewhere somehow on this big rock in the middle of the ocean. They write the story and make themselves super hero's. They reappear to the pirate guy with their cool costumes and defeat the guy (that's how all hero story's end). And that's all i really know about this to sum up the whole movie.


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