ByJerry Stark, writer at

Marvel has officially released new promo art for Age Of Ultron and has given us the origin of Vision as well as Ultron!


Look like someone has World Domination on their robotic mind.

What could Ultron possibly be shattering into pieces? Cap's shield perhaps?

Hulk Vs. HulkBuster

Science Bro's become Science Foe's/ I still believe that Ultron is controlling the Iron Man Armour.


Now, I have a theory for this Promo Art for Thor. In the clip shown to us at the Marvel Event, Steve and Tony are talking and say Thor left Earth after the maximoff twins showed him something, but he will come back for the final battle which is what I believe this promo art is.

Thor brings the thunder on Ultron's army

Vision and Black Widow:

Black Widow looking great in her Tron style suit and it looks like Vision will be able to change his density and phase through objects.

Ultron and Vision's Origins

It looks like Tony discovered the Ultron programming in the ruins after The Battle of New York.

So, Bruce and Tony create Vision? or at least the programming.


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