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"Smokey, this is not 'Nam. This is bowling. There are rules."
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So American conservative political pundit Rush Limbaugh doesn't want a Black James Bond. A lot of people didn't want a blond haired, blue eyed Bond either when Daniel Craig (who I thought would be great after seeing Layer Cake) took the role. They were wrong too. Bond had blue eyes according to Ian Fleming.

Name: Bond, James. Height: 183cm, weight: 76 kilograms; slim build; eyes: blue; hair: black; scar down right cheek and on left shoulder; signs of plastic surgery on back of right hand; all-round athlete; expert pistol shot, boxer, knife-thrower; does not use disguises.
Facially, Bond resembles the composer, singer and actor Hoagy Carmichael. In Casino Royale Vesper Lynd remarks, "Bond reminds me rather of Hoagy Carmichael, but there is something cold and ruthless." : Wikipedia
Doesn't look like Bond to me!
Doesn't look like Bond to me!

In fact, there have been so many incarnations of Bond on film (he was also portrayed as an American in the first made for TV version... Bet Rush would've loved that!) It's now pretty much accepted that Bond and 007 is really just a code name kind not unlike the "Bourne Identity". Not according to THE FAT AMERICAN -Mr. Limbaugh.

I've eaten many meals with Bond- I know everything!
I've eaten many meals with Bond- I know everything!
"He was white and Scottish, period. That is who James Bond is," Limbaugh said, adding: "I know it's racist to probably even point this out."
"But the franchise needs to get with it, right?" he continued. "The franchise needs to get hip. The franchise needs to get with the 21st Century. That's right. We had 50 years of white Bonds because Bond is white. Bond was never black."

Limbaugh also went on to say that it would be like George Clooney playing Barack Obama or Kelsey Grammar in the role of Nelson Mandela. He did admit they were real people though which was surprising. He probably wasn't aware though that the character Of James Bond has been played by an Australian, three Englishmen, a Welshman, and an Irishman (and don't get me started on the Irish) Fleming himself only stated that Bond was of Scottish descent after he saw Sean Connery's performance.

In 2011 the Bond rumors had already been floated and Elba's response was that he just didn't want to be "The Black Bond. Recently though people have reported that he would take the role if it was offered to him. Do I think Elba could play James Bond? ABSOFRIGGINLUTELY! One only has to watch his work in the wire to see what a great actor he is.

However the role that convinced me was his turn as DCI Luther on the BBC TV show of the same name if you haven't seen it This fat american of Irish descent highly recommends it. Here's a quick hit of it.

Of course we'll have to wait and see. Because Daniel Craig still has another one after Spectre.

I have to say Mr. Elba's twitter response to all this Bond hubbub was much classier than mine though.

No he didn't take aim at Mr. Limbaugh
No he didn't take aim at Mr. Limbaugh

This is classy and hilarious

He might have to shave that grey beard and mustache off to play Bond but at least he's British. I'd go see it. What about you?


Do you think Idris Elba could play this Iconic role?


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