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DC is finally catching up with Marvel! Or if you're a huge DC fan, they're already way ahead of them! I'm a fan of both DC and Marvel, which is why it's so easy for me to admit that DC is in fact catching up with their adversary. But they've still got a ways to go before they can be matched with big M. I'd like to see their characters more aware of each other. Sure they're starting to develop a connected universe now, but it's no where near the scale level that Marvel's is on. But hey, maybe that'll change when all of the Justice League films start rolling in. But even though DC is a bit dry on the connective universe front, there is one thing that they're currently beating Marvel in: videogames!

The Arkham series is one of the most critically acclaimed superhero videogame franchises ever made! It made superhero games known and playable; and forever washed the monstrosity that was Superman 64 out of our minds!

You've had enough drinks Supes, time call it a day.
You've had enough drinks Supes, time call it a day.

But as great as the games are, Batman is just one of the many qualifying superheros that DC has in their Arsenal (and yes I capitalized that to make it clear I was making a joke about the DC hero Arsenal). I say keep going while you're ahead! After all, Marvel hasn't released much original games recently; with most being movie tie-in games. If DC were to make more original videogames starring some of their biggest heroes, they'd have a step up on Marvel on at least one media front! But which heroes could make great games? Well, here are the top 5 that I have in mind!

1. Green Arrow

A videogame based on the popular hero Green Arrow would be amazing! Especially one done by Rocksteady, the people behind the Arkham games. Just think of the possibilities! The game would have an amazing combat and weapons system, allowing you to fire arrows at enemies or fight them head-to-head, bashing them with your fist and your trusty bow!

Sorry for my poor GIF making but you get the idea..
Sorry for my poor GIF making but you get the idea..

It could feature a story that, though original, takes a lot of influence from popular Green Arrow comic book issues. Like the Arkham games! The game would of course rely on stealth as you, the player, use everything in Oliver's Arsenal (last time I swear) to take down some of his most iconic villains. And like the Arkham games, it would be great to see different costumes, and even a challenge mode with the ability to select different characters from the Arrow-verse. Characters like Arsenal, Black Canary and even the Dark Archer would be awesome playable fighters!

I'd love to see the Green Arrow in the game act a little like the Arrow version of the character. Stephen Amell has done wonders with the character and it would even be great if he could voice act for the game as well!

2. Suicide Squad

This one makes sense given the film is coming out next year, making a game would only strengthen the hype for this destined-to-be awesome franchise! Not only that, but it's strongly hinted at the end of Batman: Arkham Origins that the Suicide Squad is being formed; when Amanda Waller visits Deathstroke in prison.

Though fans would love to see him feature, as of now, there's no information on whether or not Deathstroke will actually be in the film. However, given the not at all subtle ending to Origins, it's most likely that should there ever be a Suicide Squad game it would feature Deathstroke and even possibly be in the Arkhamverse; serving as a viable spin-off/sequel for the Arkham games after Arkham Knight.

The game would be a lot darker than the Arkham games however, allowing you to step in to the shoes of some of DC's most notorious villains! This game could also utilize a challenge mode with other characters. While the main story would feature the [Suicide Squad](movie:2283363) we're going to see in the film, to better familiarize audiences with this certain version of the team; the challenge mode could feature other SS members throughout the teams many roster changes!

No, that is not Rambo over there.
No, that is not Rambo over there.

3. Red Hood.

The Red Hood, also known as the reincarnated Jason Todd! Todd started off as a villain, seeking revenge on Batman for doing nothing to avenge his death. But he soon evolved in to more of an anti-hero, fighting crime as a sort of more lethal alternative to Batman and even becoming Batman himself for a little while!

"Batman doesn't use guns!" Try telling him that...
"Batman doesn't use guns!" Try telling him that...

A game featuring Red Hood would be a lot like the Deadpool game done by High Moon Studios. The game wouldn't be as humorous, though Red Hood is known to crack a couple of jokes, but the combat and weapons system would be virtually the same. Red Hood in a room full of henchman, armed with only his trusty pistols and his un-matchable set of skills against an army of trained soldiers. I fear for those soldiers. He could even call in the rest of his anti-hero crime-fighting team, the Outlaws; Arsenal and Starfire. Which would in turn reference Green Arrow.

4. Nightwing and the Teen Titans

So if you haven't heard, a new Teen Titans show is in the works. The show is set to premiere on TNT at some point in the time and is apparently going to consist of Starfire, Beastboy, Raven, Cyborg and the leader, Nightwing. It's odd, because usually the leader is Robin. Sure technically it's the same person, just older. I think that around the time the show comes out, should it be successful, DC sould think about making a game! One to either tie-in with the series or just spread more hype for it and the Titans as a franchise.

I think the game should also have Nightwing as the leader, rather than Robin. Robin's a great leader, but Nightwing has more experience in both leadership and combat. Plus, as Nightwing, Dick Grayson is more his own hero, rather than being regarded as Batman's old sidekick. The game could, like the Suicide Squad game, feature all of the Teen Titans from the series in the main story; while having a slew of classic Titans team members in the challenge mode!

5. John Constantine

There was a time when not a lot of people knew about [Constantine](movie:874314), and even less people knew he was a DC Comics character; Only ever recognizing him as Keanu Reeves if Keanu Reeves was a demon hunter.

It's all the same to Keanu.
It's all the same to Keanu.

But recently, thanks to the struggling Constantine NBC series and the upcoming Justice League Dark film, John Constantine is finally in the well-deserved spotlight. I've always been a fan of the Hellblazer comics, John Constantine has the perfect mix of action and humor that every main character needs; add in a little insane tendencies and you've got yourself a relatable and lovable pop culture icon!

A game revolving around the supernatural detective would be amazing! It could be a bit of an action/horror-thriller game, pitting John against a vast army of supernatural forces from ghosts to demons to ghouls! You wouldn't be going in to battle empty handed however, John has his iconic pistol and of course, his own supernatural powers including spell-casting and alchemy!

John is also able to see things that others can't, like apparitions and spirits. It's as if he's looking in to another world interconnected with ours. That should be utilized in the game, having to jump in and out of different planes and dimensions, taking a page out of a favorite game of mine called DMC: Devil May Cry.

Pretty much a Constantine game. Just some tweaks.
Pretty much a Constantine game. Just some tweaks.

So those were the 5 DC characters that deserve their own videogame. Do you agree with any of them? Do you have your own?


Who do you want to see get a game?


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