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So I've been doing some research on The Spongebob Movie and I came upon the picture below.

I literary just realized that all of these Spongebob characters are related to one of the Avengers.

Spongebob Squarepans- Captain America: So as you see i think we all know that Spongebob is Captain America. Well he is the Captain of the group and muscles. So what they have in common is there both one of the strongest and they both save people with good causes. They both have shields ( Spongebob's bubble wand hat) and can be rude when they are made or angry.

Patrick Star- Thor: If you saw they trailer you saw that Patrick can control Ice Cream just like Thor can control Thunder/lightning. But Patrick doesn't have a hammer like Thor so I guess this power can be coming from his hands from what i saw. Well anyway they both control something their both strong

Squidward Tentacles- Hawk Eye: This is probably not surprising but I can see this. The bow an arrow can be used as Squidward's clarinet that i saw in one of the commercials for this movie. The clarinet notes can be the arrows coming out of it. There both cocky and sometime confident in themselves.

Eugene Krabs- Iron Man: If you saw the suit then you would of been like yep this is so Iron Man right here. The most common thing between these two are they are both rich of money. Their both selfish with their money also. They both sell a product and they are the president or owner of their company.

Sandy Cheeks- Black Widow: We can all see that Sandy is gonna be Black Widow because they are both the only girls in the group. Well one thing I can say is that I know they can both fight. I've seen both of them use some type of gun and push someone in the face and passed out so that's actuality is impressive.

Sheldon Plankton- Hulk: Yea i cant really believe this either. Well first of their both green when they become this size. There both scientist and the most sluggish of the group (until they turn strong). They both have anger issues sometimes and want to tick someone off for what they did.


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