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Have you ever wanted a Superhero figure after leaving the movie theaters.

Did you rush to the store to find the perfect action figure that made you happy.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to own Captain America's Suit from the Avengers or Black Widows ?

Well now you can well you could always have it just not in your size say what. Most people i talk to about these 12-inch figures never knew they even existed.

And when i showed them pictures of them they could not believe that they won't the real actors before their eyes.

How could you make a figure so realistic its actually easier than you think just have very talented people to work for you.

The first time i saw these figures or you could say heard of the name of the company .

It was a long while ago probably somewhere back in 2004-2008 because i remember seeing the Predator figures.

I really wanted one but back then they where like $800-$2000 i kid you not.

Lucky for guys & gals they are much cheaper now only going for around $279-$300.

Also the Predator figures are around 13-14 inch's tall and you get your moneys worth.

Now back to what i was saying about being a Superhero fan.

Their are tons of different Superheros out there such as Spider Man or Captain America.

Lucky for us a Company called Hot-Toys came about just in time to make us cool figures to display in are glass cabinet.

Hot-Toys was founded by Howard Chan in 2000 and he is also the CEO so its been a huge growing company since then and still is.

Now these figures don't come by cheap then again you have to remember they cost a lot of money to make any loads of time making them.

They make just about anything you might like they even make Bruce Lee so if your a fan of him you won't be let down.

If your looking for a high end figure then Hot-Toys is the place you want to look into.

I have some figures myself i plan on pre-ordering Star lord in a couple of days.

If your looking where to buy these cool figures you can buy them from Sideshow Collectibles & also Ebay.

If your a Marvel fan then you won't be disappointed because they have made all of the Avengers & they are working on Avengers Age Of Ultron figures as well as Thanos.

Guardians of the Galaxy figures are now coming out to buy overall if you can save up some money and if you want a really cool figure then Hot-toys is for you.

P.s the Hulkbuster you see up top is around 22-23 inch's tall and it lights up as you can see the price of it on the other hand might be around $600-$800 but it is well worth it.


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