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Alright people the new avengers movie is almost here so what are some of the things people are looking forward to in the movie. This are some of the things i read or have talked about in my local comic shops with friends and even Strangers.

The first thing we talked about was a battle between all The Avengers like a Battle Royale That would be cool and very close to the comics.

  • Spoilers Alert if you have not read the comics......The second thing we talked about was the start of the love between Scarlet Witch and Vision that would be cool think about it watching a super hot Witch getting hit on or flirting with a android that would bring alot of possibility for the comics like Vision and her struggle to be happy and Visions to strive to be more human.
  • The third thing was that it would be cool if Hawkeye got more of a actual Role instead of at the end he comes and starts shooting arrows because he has nothing better to do. Like we see some of his true Awesome abilities how he is a martial artist or his agility that we didnt get in the first movie that would be just amazing.
  • The Fourth and Finale thing we talked about and my favorite is that we want to see the Hawkeye and Black-Widow Love interest we got to see in the first Avengers and the Easter egg in Captain America 2 that would bring if Marvel wanted to they could have a scene with Cap and Hawkeye talking and then Hawkeye shows Steve a ring says im thinking about getting out of this Job and then at the end of the movie Hawkeye realizes he couldnt leave if he tried so he throws the ring away.

If you like this let me know or if youhave others you would like to see then comment please like comment anyway Thank You.


Which is your favorite one I had up here


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