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So, before we even start, the [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) debate is more than likely the most controversial argument of our generation, but has still yet to be truly answered. There are thousands upon thousand articles and people arguing over this but I for one think it's quite obvious who would win in a "fair" fight.

As we all know, Warner Bros. and DC Comics will be releasing Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice in the spring of 2016, now I'm sure I'm not the only one who is on there knees praying for some mega super awesome showdown time between the man of steel and the caped crusader; also wouldn't hurt to have a good looking [Wonder Woman](movie:45787) as well. But I am looking past the plot to get the answer to a simple question: who would win?

Superman, Pros: He's mother freaking Superman. Cons: Kryptonite. Not much to discuss here.

Batman, Pros: extremely wealthy, expert martial artist, cunning, very intelligent. Cons: tragic background, tough exterior, trust issues, such a scratchy voice, and he's human. Don't get me wrong I have a bat signal key chain on my keys, but come on.

A very talented writer, director, Max Landis is quite the super hero enthusiast, and has mad several videos about the popular DC characters on his YouTube channel: Uptomyknees and has recently written a comic showing the Joker try and foil Superman by placing bombs all over Metropolis, but in the end Superman defeats him without even actually trying. Of course, for Batman, this would have possibly caused millions in property damage, people getting hurt etc. But for Superman all he had to do was start a conversation. Superman could literally snipe kill him with his laser vision for God's sake. But either way, I am a looking forward to Batman vs Superman, and I'm sure it will surprise all of us.


Who would kick who's bottom?


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