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The Sony hack is just getting way too entertaining now! I mean at first it was horrible, then it just got ridiculous. But now? Now it's just like watching one of those investigative films or television shows, where they're trying to solve the case and you're closer to edge of your seat after every waking minute until finally you just fall off!

*rapidly eating popcorn*
*rapidly eating popcorn*

The newest piece of information on the infamous Sony hack comes from security form Norse, who have claims they have recently uncovered evidence that proves that the hack was in fact, an inside job.


The evidence reportedly shows that the job was perpetrated by six people, two in the U.S, one in Canada, one in Thailand and the last in Singapore. Norse reported that among the six was a former Sony Pictures employee; and that he had been a 10-year veteran before being laid off in May for restructuring.

After identifying the employee, they tracked her online activity.

“Researchers from the company followed that individual online, noting angry posts she made on social media about the layoffs and Sony. Through access to IRC (Internet Relay Chat) forums and other sites, they were also able to capture communications with other individuals affiliated with underground hacking and hacktivist groups in Europe and Asia.”

Take this with a grain of salt however, as these findings are not solid yet. But if they're true, I would not want to be that employee right now! Despite this info, the FBI continues to say that it was in fact North Korea who hacked into Sony.

What do you think? Was this really the works of a disgruntled employee and five others? Or is the FBI correct in saying that North Korea did it?



Who's responsible for the Sony hacking?


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