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Will Grantham

Spider-man will finally get to meet another Superhero in early 2015 but he's not anybody you were expecting. Spider-man will throw down with Superman in the exciting new fan parody by Mr Will Productions 'Supes V Spidey: Dawn of Product Placement'.

The plot centres around Superman going out of his way to teach Spider-man to stick up for himself, regain his Hollywood mojo and take down his greatest nemesis to date, Sony. This parody will speak out against heartless Hollywood adaptations such as the critically panned 'The Amazing Spider-man 2' as well as showcasing some cool special effects, epic action sequences and colourful costumes.

Cast include Seb Marshall as Superman and talented voice actor of YouTube fame, Michael Wilson (MickWhiteFire28) providing the voice of the amazing Spider-man.

For more information and news on this mini blockbuster, check out the Facebook page:

More news on this to come.


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