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If you get the feeling that some of the latest Haute Couture fashions straight off the runways might be sewn by designers with a touch of Black Widow Spider in their heart, you might be right. Only a deeply rejected and disillusioned player in the game called love could devise a dress so devious and deadly. The Spider Dress, as its designer Anouk Wipprecht prefers to call it, is fashion, body armor and deadly weapon all rolled into one. This Ultron inspired fashion piece, is lovely enough to drawn you into its web and then sting you with any of its eight mechanical limbs. Get too close too fast and an array of proximity sensors would engage a self protect mode that would make the attacker both dead and quite likely this Black Widow's next feast.

The Dutch born Anouk Wipprecht explains it all in her fashion statement:

Aptly called the 'Spider Dress', this piece of wearable tech features animatronic mechanical limbs that respond to external stimuli while defending the personal space of the wearer. The dress provides an extension of the wearers intuition: It uses proximity sensors as well as a respiration sensor to both define and protecting the personal space of the wearer. Approach the wearer to aggressively and the mechanical limbs move up to an attack position. Approach the system under calmer circumstance and the dress just might beckon you to come closer with smooth, suggestive gestures.
3-D printed sensor based animatronic/mechatronic dress enabled by the Intel Edison acts as the interface between the body and the external world using technology and the garment as a medium of interaction.

Wipprecht will be showcasing the dress next week at gadget fest CES, for Intel. See more of Wipprecht's work on her website.

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