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Good news gaming fans! Marvel's 'Ultimate Aliiance 3' is finally moving forward and is coming to new generation platforms.

According to reports from gaming website Cyberland, Marvel is working on Marvel Ultimate 3 for fourth generation consoles namely the PS4 and Xbox One.

The website also states that the game will follow the "Secret Invasion" and "Dark Reign" storyline from the comics. Further details revealed that players can choose between the heroes and villains of the main Marvel universe as each category will have an effect in the plot of the game.

Websites such as Comicvine and Game Informer have revealed some of the playable characters which are listed below:

Character roster:

Spider-Man - hero storyline

Captain America - hero storyline

Iron Man - hero storyline

Thor - hero storyline

The Hulk - hero storyline

Black Widow - hero storyline

Hawkeye - hero storyline

Iron Fist - hero storyline

Luke Cage - hero storyline

Spider-Woman - hero storyline

Wolverine - hero storyline

Storm - hero storyline

Havok - hero storyline

Iceman - hero storyline

Jean Grey - hero storyline

Nova (Sam Alexander) - hero storyline

Daredevil - hero storyline

Black Panther - hero storyline

Ms. Marvel - hero storyline

Scarlet Witch - hero storyline

Green Goblin - villain storyline

Agent Venom - hero and villain storyline

Loki - villain storyline

Songbird - hero and villain storyline

Magneto - hero and villain storyline

Sabretooth - villain storyline

Electro - villain storyline

The Sentry - hero and villain storyline

Moonstone - villain storyline

It is not yet confirmed as to when will Marvel reveal the game, but since 2014 is about to end we might see the game in 2015 and hopefully Marvel will announce the game at future video game events next year.


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