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Delisa Elizabeth

Boy oh boy what to say about the movie Sex Tape…

Well the first half of the movie was quite comical, I’ll give the writers that. Is the movie relatable? Yes definitely, it has the formula to be a really good comedy but I started to lose interest after 30 minutes into watching the movie, it’s a 94 minute movie about a sex tape; how entertaining could it be?

As much as I love Cameron Diaz and Jason Segal together in a comedy, the humor felt forced, I felt like I had to like this movie a lot because they were both in the movie but alas I couldn’t wait for the movie to end.

The movie fell short for me, the best parts of the movie were shown in the commercial, I was very glad I didn’t see this in the movie theater.

Rob Corddry and Ellie Kemper were my favorite in the whole movie and that was it, the scenes were pretty funny but the comedy they brought to the table wasn’t enough for me, see this movie at your own risk.

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