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I will bathe the star ways in your blood.

  • Link

First Choice: Alex Pettyfer - Definitely knows how to get into character, and for a character as iconic as Link, I'm sure he'd do a hell of a job. He's got a few movies under his belt now since I Am Number Four and Beastly so I think he would do a fine job of carrying this movie.

Second Choice: Hayden Christensen - Due to his work as Anakin Skywalker, I feel he has all of the sword-play and fighting skills down, because if Legand of Zelda gets a live action movie, it will require a lot of action! The only problem is that he is getting a little older now, and this live action movie hasn't even been announced.

  • Young Link

First Choice: Dakota Goyo - He was very passionate and believable in Real Steel and he successfully pulled off a young Thor in the first installment. I feel like he totally has the look to pull off this role though. Plus he has similar features to Alex Pettyfer.

Second Choice: Ty Simpkins - He did a good job with the Insidious films and I'm very excited for Jurassic World, but I feel like he might be just a little bit too young. However, he did have very good on-screen chemistry with Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man 3.

  • Zelda

First Choice: Gabriella Wilde - She is an absolutely stunning actress and her personality possesses a calm, mysterious demeanor that could be perfect for this role. Although she is a fairly new actress, she already has a past relationship with Alex Pettyfer in Endless Love, so they could show a very strong connection in the movie.

Second Choice: Dianna Agron - Another stunning actress that has also worked with Alex Pettyfer (I Am Number Four). She just might be a bit older than they need for this role. I just think that Wilde has the more appropriate facial features for Zelda.

  • Young Zelda

First Choice: Anna Sophia Robb - She does an outstanding job pulling the emotions from the audience in Soul Surfer and has grown up to be quite a sensational actress. With a smile like that, it would a perfect match for the young version of the titular character. Plus those eyes look like they are already filled with magic.

Second Choice: Elle Fanning - Her acting career has also flourished at a rather quick pace since Super 8. She just might be a little too young for the story they need to make to have a live action Legend of Zelda as intense as it should be. But she definitely has the look.

  • Ganondorf

First Choice: Gerard Butler - Ever since I saw 300, I knew I wanted Gerard Butler for Ganondorf in a live action movie. He could just pull off the red sideburns phenomenally while dodging light arrow from Link. The accuracy of special effects nowadays gets me extremely excited to see him transform into the beast, Ganon.

  • Young Ganondorf

First Choice: Travis Fimmel - I have seen quite a few episodes of Vikings and I am very impressed by the continuous performance of Ragnar Lothbrok. I'm also really looking forward to seeing him kick some ass in Warcraft. He's 10 years younger than Gerard Butler and actually kind of looks like a younger version of him, so I think this casting is perfect.

  • Tingle

First Choice: Ken Jeong - Having Ken Jeong in the live action version of Legend of Zelda would be so perfect. He produces a certain type of humor on screen that is almost impossible not to smile or laugh. This would create the best dynamic in the movie with helping Link throughout the movie because the plot line will be pretty dark considering how evil and powerful Ganondorf is.

  • Great Deku Tree

First Choice: Morgan Freeman - This was too easy. The voice of Morgan Freeman can swoon babies and put elders to sleep. I would be very happy to hear his voice emerge from a tree.

Second Choice: Jeff Bridges - On the other side of the spectrum, the voice of Jeff Bridges can be extremely rough and pure at the same time. There are some lines in True Grit that I can't even figure out what he's saying. I am very excited for The Seventh Son because he continually produces masterpieces.


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