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Steve Johnson

Yesterday, some character bios revealed some minor changes in the origin stories of Ultron and Vision. Check that out here.

Marvel has released more promotional artwork giving us a much clearer look at Ultron, Vision, AND HULKBUSTER!

First we have Ultron with the world in the palm of his hands...

and the AI in action!

Black Widow looking as dangerous as ever!

and Vision phasing through the wall behind the film's logo!

More epic concept art!

And my personal favorite:

So maybe Vision is the spawn of Ultron?

Hulkbuster giving Hulk a beatdown!

These do appear to be images for t-shirts, as you can see the backgrounds have that fabric like texture.

Marvel also released this "new" image, but it appears to just be a screenshot from the trailer.

But all of these are awesome!

And I'm pretty darn excited to see this movie!


Do these images make you even more pumped for Age of Ultron?


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