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With the marvel and Sony deal working To be completed Andrew Garfield has been dropped. Sad to say but he may have been a great Spiderman but he is now a acceptable loss in the fight to get Spiderman on the avengers. That leaves the question who will be the new Spiderman? We have had two great actor play the live action Spiderman but they were two different kinds of Spiderman. Below I will list some of my choices for the new Spiderman. Keep in mind this is just what I think.

1)Dylan O'Brien

First is from the MTV tv show teenwolf, I young man by the name of Dylan O'Brien. He has played the geek and the loud mouth. He has been a real badass and a bullied weakling. He is funny, fit, and a great actor. In season 4 of teenwolf he got to play a bad guy which took every one to beat. Just imagine him starting as Spiderman and ending up with a villains mind and becoming the spider ock.

2)drake bell

Next is drake bell. You may know him from home Nickelodeon tv show drake and Josh. He also voices Spider-Man in the Disney xd tv show ultamate Spider-Man. He is young, a good actor and has experience playing Spiderman in voice form. You can't ignore he has the look.

3) Josh Radnor

Josh Radnor is an odd choice I admit but hear me out. One version of Spider-Man we have yet to see is the older one from the comics. The one who is a teacher. The grown man who has had experience. Well Josh is best known as Ted mosby who was a teacher. Josh is a great actor and as a fan of how I met your mother it would be nice to see more of him. Plus Maria hill is played by the actress who played robin and that would be awesome. Captian America did at one point say suit up so hey why not.

4)Joseph Gordon Leavitt

Why? Why not. Joseph Gordon Leavitt is not gonna be nightwing so let move past it. He is a good actor and has been in a comic book movie. He has been an up and coming actor and this would be a good role for him. He would e good for a Spiderman between college and teaching.

5)Donald Glover

Last we have who you may known as the black guy from community. He is also the soul reason miles Morales aka the black spiderman was made. It all started with a comment he made of why not have a black Spider-Man. He is a great actor and could play miles very well. He was already the voice of miles Morales in the ultimate Spider-Man cartoon. In any case he would be great.

So there you have it my picks. Agree? Disagree? Comment below.


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