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I saw this movie on my computer i was going to see in the the movie theaters but i not got time to sadly.

Anyway i remember seeing the trailer on-line it made the movie look really good.

And i was really looking forward to seeing it but when i finally sat down to watch it well it wasn't how i thought it would be.

Yeah the movie is pretty funny and also very sad i really hated the ending that was the biggest problem for me.

The plot it self was really good it works for the movie but some of the actors don't really work for me.

Daniel he is the best in the whole movie his dead girl friend you really don't see much of her yeah they are always talking about her death but not much of her talking or acting.

I did like how the news reporters were also following Daniel every where he went.

The whole movie it self was pretty good their are some scenes in the movie that good for to long.

I would say if your looking for a funny movie then this is for you.

But if your love Harry Potter and your thinking Daniel is good to act the same well sadly he does not.

The F word is used a lot in this movie so if you don't like that kind of stuff then this is not the movie for you.

Overall this is coming out in a couple of days you can pre-order it on amazon for around $16.00 dollars which is pretty cheap.

I would rate this movie 7/10 the characters are good the plot is also good there are some great parts to the movie but overall its not the best or the worst it is just one of those movies that make a big deal out of it but they are just movies to watch and take time away if your bored.


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