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Jared Atkinson

As we all know of the blockbuster hit [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) the movie had me asking my self so many questions. Like if there would be an avengers post-credit seen or if the Guardians and [The Avengers](movie:9040) would cross-over? Well with those being answered fairly quickly with the end of the movie and phase 3, I asked my self another question, Would Nova be joining the MCU anytime soon?

With Guardians of the Galaxy having the "Nova Corps" this could hint at Nova joining the big screen in his own movie or in Guardians 2.0. Nova was also involved in a fight with Thanos and was helped by Grax And Star-Lord.

Another thing that caught my attention was...

  • When I saw the helmets this is when I thought of Nova for sure. What evidence do I have you ask? Well we have he Helmets, the Nova Corps and Nova being joined by different Super-Heroes all over the MCU!


Do You Think Nova Will Be Joining The MCU?


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