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Izzy Wizzy

So Johnny Depp is finally back in another movie which is always great to hear.

I have heard a lot of bad things about this movie and not so much good things about it.

I think this movie is okay to sit down and watch but it one of those that get to your mind and if your not that sort of person that doesn't like that kind of stuff then your not going to like this movie at all.

The plot it self is good its not bad i can tell you that much.

The movie it self is pretty weird Johnny Depp plays the role really good at least i think.

This is another movie that has a big deal out of it but it one of those that aren't so good as everyone says it is.

The characters in this movie are pretty good their not boring ones which is good to know.

The movie is worth buying on blu-ray if you can find it around $9.00-$1200 it sure isn't worth $20.00-$30.00 i have seen at some stores.

I would rate this movie a 6/10 the plot is good the characters good the acting is pretty fine but not the best.

This would mostly be a movie for you to sit down and watch just because you have noting else to do with yourself .


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