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In the Disney Princess world the darlings have gone bad, mean, punk and other variations on human affectations, but they have never gone as wild as New York based digital artist Kisaira Peña has drawn them. They have become completely feral- manimals that have crashed through the mirror that separates Magic Kingdom from Animal Kingdom.

It is fun to see some of the Princesses turn into their animal supporting cast. Cinderella to Mousyrella and Snow White to Snowy Dovy make for a winking and appropriate transformation. Turning Tiana into a frog is pretty spot-on. But doesn't that dilute the purpose of the magical kiss? Belle becoming the Beast is also too good to be true.

Turning Elsa and Merida into foxes is a little too coy. Ariel doesn't look too regal or little when transformed into the plain lumbers of a merseal. Still, ancient sailors have been bedazzled into seeing them as beautiful sea creatures.

Aurora's transformation is something definitely worth "fawning" over. Mulan is so fetching in her animal attributes that it had me searching for pictures of Pas.

Peña calls it all "Once Upon a Wildlife."

"Once upon a wildlife is an illustrations series inspired by the Disney Princesses. My vision of them as humanized animals, each illustration is inspired by the same story sidekicks or animals that roam in the beautiful land in which the princesses live."

Together with her sister Karla, she formed Sisters Bind, a design studio specializing in children oriented design projects and illustrations.

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My Deer Sleeping Beauty

My Little Merseal

Pa Mulan

Snowy Dovy

The Lady Froggy and the Toad


Which animal Princess is your favorite?

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