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(This post contains adult themes and photography. If you find sexuality offensive, please look away.)

I recently read a review of Second Life posted on this very site by a gentleman by the name of Marion McDonald. You can search for it if you'd like to read it... I won't link it and give him more page views.

There were many inaccuracies in his article and many from the community jumped in with comments attempting to disabuse him of the notion that Second Life is nothing but perverts doing perverted things.

While this is very true... there is much more to Second Life than that. The part that bugged me most (other than the apparent fact that he didn't actually log into Second Life before reviewing it) was his juvenile shaming of those who do have, and enjoy, sex in Second Life.

Others did a beautiful job of rebutting and refuting his biased and completely short-sighted views of our world. I'd like to focus more on the aspects of Second Life that are, in fact, for adults and of a very adult nature.

Sex is not shameful. It's beautiful in the real world, and it's beautiful in Second Life. Yes, just like the real world, there is every possible flavor of kink to be found. And wouldn't the world be boring if we all had the exact same vanilla sex all the time?

Every person who creates an account and logs into Second Life is there for a different reason. Some wish to build and create, others wish to explore those gorgeous creations. Some want to play Barbies and shop and dress up. Others seek a connection with other humans. Some are seeking a way to fill a gap... to find something that is missing in their real life.

And some are there to explore their sexuality.

Why, in 2015, are we shaming people for who they are?

Mr. McDonald didn't seem inclined to respond to any of the criticisms of his article so I didn't bother trying to contact him directly but if I could ask him anything, it would be "Why? What is so very lurid, and horrible, and wrong about people being sexual anywhere, be it the real world, or a virtual world?"

People spend hours watching television, Netflix, Hulu, whatever... They spend hours upon hours playing video games. And no one bats an eyelash. However, if someone spends those leisure hours in a virtual world like Second Life, they find themselves shamed by judgemental people who feel the need to look down on someone. Why? What is lacking in their lives that make them so bloody judgemental of how others spend their time?

Second Life is an amazing place to explore your fantasies, whatever they might be.

No one in Second Life pretends that it's perfect. We all know there is a horrifying subculture of pedifiles who use our world to play out their sick fantasies. And when we see it, are unfortunate enough to stumble across it, we report it. Linden Labs, the company behind Second Life, take these reports very seriously.

Just like in the real world, we do what we can to eradicate the people who use Second Life to perpetuate these crimes. Have you looked at the statistics on child pornography on the internet? It's out there. And it's horrible. I personally cannot think of anything worse than the deviants who abuse children in this way. I wish we had a button that would eliminate these people from our planet. End their very existence.

But, alas, that's not possible. We're trying, though. Police organizations around the world are working as hard as they can.

I'm not talking about that in Second Life, though. Or real life, for that matter. What I am talking about is consensual sexual activity between adults.

I am sick of people trying to make that into something shameful, as Mr. McDonald did.

Sex is healthy. Sex is beautiful. And sex in a virtual world such as Second Life can be amazing.

What is your kink? What particular flavor of sexual activity lights your fire? Whatever it is, I can assure you that it can be found in Second Life.

Are you bi-curious? Want a safe way to explore what you're feeling? Head into Second Life. A closet furry? There is a huge community for you. BDSM? In every possible variant... femdom, maledom, pony-play, sissification, ropes, chains, whips? It's there. Watersports? You got it.

Want to visit a beautiful nudist society? It's there. A decadent, yet opulent, sex club from the 20s? It's there. A seedy, dangerous dark alley? It's there. A plain old run-of-the-mill titty bar? It's there.

Or, you know, plain old vanilla missionary in the comfort of your own private home. It's there.

And there is absolutely nothing shameful about any of that. Humans are varied and unique. Some people like macaroni and cheese. Some don't. So bloody what? Who are any of us to pass judgement on anyone else?

Several years ago, the media latched onto the fact that there were people using Second Life for age-play. Yes, there were and yes, there still are. It's not allowed and when it's discovered, the people responsible are banned. It is an incredibly small segment of what Second Life is as a whole, sexually speaking.

But it was devastating for Second Life because the general public believed, thanks to the media's portrayal, that that was all there was to Second Life. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Like the real world, you can do anything in SL. No, not like the real world, actually. In Second Life, things are possible that aren't in the real world.

And isn't that wonderful?

So I'm asking you to take a chance. Go ahead and create that account and give it a try.

No, it's not easy at first. Second Life does have many flaws, and one of them is the difficulty in getting started. I personally don't feel it's very intuitive. I'm showing you photos of myself in Second Life... believe me, that isn't what my avatar looked like originally. It takes time, and yes, money. Lindens, the currency in Second Life, are necessary. Others will tell you there are plenty of freebies to be found, and there are... but like all things, you get what you pay for. I would estimate that to make your avatar into something not terrible, it would cost around $30-$40 USD. But there are wonderful people that will help you find your way.

Explore. Talk to people. Shop. Go to clubs. Listen to some incredible live music from around the world.

And, yes, have sex.

We're waiting for you.


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