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So if you havent heard by now there have been a lot of rumors going around about getting rid of Andrew Garfield and replacing him with Tobey Maguire or other actors.

To be honest I am not thrilled with that idea at all. We have all already seen Tobey Maguire in the original Spider Man movies. Some might say he completely runied the image for Spider Man, I don't agree with that I just that think he is fit to play the part like Andrew Garfield is. Most people were expecting The Amazing Spider-Man 2, to be diffrent then it turned out and weren't happy with it. I personally really enjoyed it.

I think most people can agree that The Amazing Spider-Man was a sucess. And as we hear the second movie wasn't, but thats not all true it got good reiviews and bad reviews and was a sucess but not as sucessful as the first movies was, but most sequeals arent as good as the first.

If Tobey Maguire was to returen as Spider Man his reputation would most likely follow him, and would imagine him as the Spider Man they didnt like even if he was better this time around. But lets be real here Andrew Garfield is the new face of Spider Man and Tobey Maguire was the old face. Let Andrew Garfield do what he's meant to do and be The Amazing Spider-Man. Every character in this movie was perfectly casted and couldnt be seen played by any other actor or actress.

Nothing is final yet but decisions are being made every minute about what is going to happen with this movie franchise, and I think the viewers deserve a say in what happens because we are the ones who decide if the movie is good or not. You can agree with me or disagree with me but this is just what has been going on and my opion on what should happen through this. But what ever happens, happens for a reason. So I hope for the best.

Please share your thoughts on what you think should happen. And if you liked my post please share it with your friends. So hope fully they see our opinion on this subject.


Who do you think should play Spider Man?


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