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With Avengers 2 coming out in 2015 and Sony beating the spiderman franchise to the ground, The time is right for our friendly neighborhood spiderman to come back to Marvel and make a crossover for the ages. They could bring him in and just have him be there for civil war, but that wouldn't really welcome him in. Here are some ways marvel could bring in Spiderman.

1.) Have him come in with [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](series:722469)

The Agents of Shield.
The Agents of Shield.

When I first heard that they were making a TV show about this, I was a bit on the fence, but boy was I pleasantly surprised. The show has brought back Coulson,(that alone is a win), introduced Mockingbird, and has made a way for the InHumans to come into the MCU. This would make it perfect for spidey to come into the Avengers, the civil war, and so much more. They could do this in a couple ways. 1. We could retell the origin story and Shield is called in by the police about the "criminal" with superhuman abilities, let the plot play out, and spiderman is part of the team. You do the rest. 2.) We take up where we left off in Amazing Spiderman and Shield is called in for a rouge superhuman villain (I will let you decide) and team is getting beat up pretty good. Then Spiderman swoops in and saves them. One thing leads to another, Spiderman joins the team. 3.)(my favorite) Spiderman is Hunted by shield for crimes that were comited by Venom and they fight, and they realize that he isn't the enemy they duke it out against venom.

2.) Spiderman is brought in for Captain America 3

Cap 3 Civil War
Cap 3 Civil War

We are all waiting for the epic movie that is(or at least should) be Captain America Civil War. With Stars like RDJ and Chris Evans duking it out, it should be epic! But what if we throw Spiderman into the mix in the end. Here is how I think it could work. Cap could be hiding in some lair or some room or building. The is greeted by a group of superheroes that are against the Superhero registration act. Then have Spiderman come out and say a cool one liner and roll credits.

3.) Nick Fury attempts to recruit him for the Pro Registration Side

From the Spiderman cartoon on Disney XD
From the Spiderman cartoon on Disney XD

We know how he came about With Iron man and Captain America with recruitment with their first solo flicks. What about Nick going out to recruit Spiderman In the end of Cap 3 or the start of Avengers 3 pt 1. We all know that spiderman goes to fight with cap and the other anti registration heroes. (if not now you know) Spiderman is still young so he could be tricked. Then run from Fury and escape to find cap and his team.

We all know that the chance of Spiderman going to marvel are slim, the odds of him being "borrowed" by Marvel are getting better everyday. Lord willing he will go back to marvel. I don't want a repeat of this.

That was UGLY! So tell me what you think! Do you think Spiderman will go to marvel? Or will he stay with Sony and not be a part of the avengers movies? or will he be "borrowed"? Let me know in the comment!


Will Spiderman ever be apart of the avengers?


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