ByPrince Mclean, writer at
Prince Mclean

OK guys and gals this is my first post it'll also be really quick so just hear me out.

The MCUniverse has a bad habit of being... "Comical" especially when being compared to DC. Marvel is famous for making movies that fit the comedy/action catagory. And from that aou trailer I can almost guarantee that this will be marvels attempt at taking a darker route in its cinematic universe.

I love the MCU however I just cant help but feel as though marvel (or quite possibly disney) will attempt to "Lighten the mood" with some comedic relief and end up adding too much thus taking away the dark brooding mood that the trailer left us with. AoU is a movie that will have to have a serious tone to it ,and I honestly believe that if too much comedy is added to the story it will take away from the badassery that is Ultron.

so there it is my first post let me know what you think in the comments.


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