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OK so to those who read my last post thank you for the reads and share please help get me more read.

Alright people we are going to start this of with a kinda already vaguely shown in the trailer.

  • First we my friends and some comic guys want to the Avengers lose and scattered this time one of them lets say Captain gets cap-tured Pun intended and being tortured for amusement for Ultron and then Quicksilver and Scarlet so up and help break Cap out and then kick the crap out of Ultron.
  • Second is the mid credit scene talk my friends want me to talk about it should be black panther but that is the most likely me im hoping for an Ant-man scene like the avengers sittin there talking about what happened when Ant-man shows up and tells them something has happened in Africa home place of Wakanda see it can best of both.
  • The third is maybe we can see Captain taking more of a leadership role instead of him in the moment type of thing but him being it through out the movie planning attacks and coordinating the avengers through out the movie it would be a good move on marvels part.
  • The fourth is we want to see Loki show up in the movie after everything is said and done and recruit Ultron as he says Im making my own team and Ultron smile and takes Lokis hand i mean that would be awesome.
  • The fifth and finale one is one of the Avengers dieing it throw a twist in the story and kinda goes by the comics i guess but it would be a tear jerker if Thor died or Tony it would for mostly for movie value but still would be cool to see.

    Ok people if you like it share it please on facebook twitter or whatever the new thing is comment please.


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