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It's been 11 years since Edgar Wright's timeless zom-rom-com, Shaun of the Dead shambled onto our screens and its rewatchability just goes to prove it really is an undead piece of comedy.

It fact, it is about to be resurrected for a rather delayed, and admittedly amateur looking, stage musical in England. Titled, Shaun of the Dead Live, the all singing, all-cricket-bat-wielding stage play is being performed by Almost Legal Productions this year.

The show, which has received permission from the Shaun of the Dead co-writers, Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg, apparently premiered back in October, but it was so successful it's now being brought back for another run. The troupe have just released a trailer showing off some of what you can expect. Check it out below:

OK, so from the looks of things, Almost Legal Productions need to buy a new camera, but that aside, this does look like fairly good - if slightly amateurish - fun.

Britain has a long tradition of comic pantomime - a kind of cheesy musical stage play in which the audience are encouraged to interact - and Shaun of the Dead would actually fit well into the medium. Not particularly because the comedy is pantomime-esque, but because it is such a well-known film it will be easy for the audience to get involved.

This aside, the creators of Shaun of the Dead Live have put quite a bit of effort into imitating the original, and although its hard to tell from the trailer, many of the costumes seem also identical to those in the original film. Their poster certainly tries to ape the original. Check it out below:

And now compare it to the original:

Credit where it's due, it is kind of similar. Although I'm not quite sure why Ed has bad sun burn and a backwards cap.

If you're in the local area and want to catch a performance of Shaun of the Dead live. Check out the Almost Legal Productions page. Be quick though. Some dates are already selling out.


Shaun of the Dead Live looks...

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