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While most shows on hiatus will be back on screens in the next week, unfortunately for us zombie fans, we won't get to see Season 5B of [The Walking Dead](series:201193) for another month!

With such a long time to wait I will literally take any new information, and luckily I'm not picky because us fans have been thrown a tiny, tiny bone from AMC with a release of the Season 5B teaser trailer with a new shot of Maggie in it.

The trailer itself is very similar to the one that was released a few weeks ago, though the footage has been almost completely reordered. Not only has it been reordered but a shot with Daryl, Rick and Judith has been replaced with shots of Daryl and another of Maggie as the group walks down the road.

Take a look:

While I'm not 100% sure why AMC has reedited the trailer, I think the choice to focus on these two characters at the beginning of a 30-second video definitely indicates that the second half of Season 5 will really focus on them as they fight their way through the grief of losing Beth (as well as Hershel for Maggie) in the mid-season finale.

Later in the promo we see both of these characters again, both looking quite emotionally fraught. With Maggie crying next to a fire and Daryl dropping down to his knees in the forest.

Check out the entire new promo trailer here, courtesy of The Walking Dead and More 2 YouTube channel:

The Walking Dead returns to AMC on February 8th.


Are you happy for Season 5B to focus more heavily on Daryl and Maggie

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