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British actress Gemma Atkinson is reportedly one of the young actresses in talks to appear as Supergirl in Greg Berlanti's upcoming CBS series based on the heroine.

According to the British tabloid The Sun - which is by no means an always trustworthy source on these matters - Atkinson is eager to break into the States with the comic book role. Their source, who also previously revealed she was up for a role on British soap opera Emmerdale, stated:

Gemma is a huge fan of comic books so this is something she’d jump at. It will make her huge Stateside. She said next year will be her best yet whatever happens. If she gets Supergirl it will be amazing or if she begins working on Emmerdale that will be great too.

I should probably just point out to those who are unclear on these things. Getting a role in Supergirl is a much bigger deal than getting a role in Emmerdale. Just so you know.

This is from Gemma's personal Twitter feed:


Of course, as always, I should stress this news is unverified and even if it is true, it only states Atkinson has been auditioning for the role. Nothing more.

Atkinson's previous credits involves roles in various British shows, such as Hollyoaks and Casualty, while she also appeared as Barbara in Night of the Living 3D Dead. Atkinson is also well-known as a model for various 'lads mags' magazines. Do a google image search to find out what I mean by that.

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Could Gemma Atkinson play Supergirl?



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