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Remember the incredible scene in Iron Man 3 which begins with Ellen Brandt rocking up posing as an officer of homeland security to arrest our man Tony?

A chaotic fight scene erupts which culminates with Tony placing his metal dog tags into a microwave and opening a gas valve to blow up the Tennessee diner, killing Brandt in the process.

Well, unused storyboards for the film, published last week by Filmsketchr, show a very different, but ultimately just as deadly, end for Brandt.

Take a look at breakdown of the two scenes below and let me know which one you prefer in the comments!

A false pretence VS All guns blazing

The movie: Ellen Brandt (Stephanie Szostak) shows up, posing as an agent of Homeland Security.

The leaked storyboard: Brandt fires bullets at Tony in the street outside of the bar, narrowly missing him.

An angry Brandt VS... An angry Brandt.

The movie: Brandt uses her powers to dispatch the Sheriff who tries to intervene in her arrest of Tony.

The leaked storyboard: Brandt runs out bullets as she chases Tony.

Tony makes a run for it VS Brandt makes a snowball.

The movie: Whilst Brandt is occupied dealing with the sheriff in the bar, Tony makes a run for it out on to the street.

The leaked storyboard: Angry at her lack of bullets, Brandt makes a a big icy snowball.

An empty diner VS Snowball fight!

The movie: Still on the run, Tony smashes through the window of a deserted diner.

The leaked storyboard: Brandt cannons a snowball down the street in Tony's direction.

Disaster looms VS Impending doom

The movie: An outbreak of fisticuffs between Tony and Brandt allows Tony to break free from his handcuffs.

The leaked storyboard: The snowball rockets towards two parked cars (note the power lines above them!).

Things are heating up...

The movie: Fire engulfs Brandt in the kitchen of the diner. In the other room, Tony loosens a gas value and places his metal dog tags into a microwave.

The leaked storyboard: The snowball crashes into the park cars, bringing down the power lines.

Explosion Vs Explosion

The movie: An injured Brandt crawls through the flames and abuses Tony, unaware of what is about to happen.

The leaked storyboard: Sensing danger, Tony leaps over a nearby hillside.

Different scenes, same ending...

The movie: Brandt is killed in the explosion, Tony survives.

The leaked storyboard: Brandt is killed in the explosion, Tony survives.


Which do you prefer?


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