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Rooting around on the internet all day, you're bound to find some weird things that manage to creep out grown adults. This is no exception.

After casually stumbling across this image, my colleagues and I were stumped and also horrified by the sheer build of this creature! "How could it be real?!" "Its hind legs are insane!" "Cor, he's a bit muscular!" But what exactly is or was it?

The Beast

"What are you?"
"What are you?"

Look at how nonchalant all the people are too, like they're simply nonplussed by this animal of King Kongian proportions being led around their suburban wonderland by a mere chain. Its powerful and matted visage ready to break free from its two legged, soft captors and go on a ravenous rampage of raucous revelry!

We considered whether this was some kind of newly discovered mammal or something that had sloped down from a mountain range somewhere, intent on devouring the souls of the relatively innocent. Sending fearful people scurrying back to their homes as this beast is led through town by its carny-esque handler.

And this police officer... what is he up to? I think you'd need more than bullets to put this creature down! A missile perhaps, or simply a lot, and I mean a lot of bullets. We could see the headlines...

"Gigantic Savage Beast Slaughters Town"

This sleepy town would never be the same again. Yet another place lost to the dust of time and urban legend.

But rather quickly all of my wild daydreams came hurtling back to reality after finding the next two fantastic photos.

The Beauty Of The Beast

The Beast was actually an antagonist from early 90's coming of age movie The Sandlot!

The Sandlot director David Mickey Evans commissioned the creation of "several" "Beast" puppets to be made by Rick Lazzarini over the course of filming. One was operated by two very brave puppeteers...

Is that Val Kilmer in the blue shirt?
Is that Val Kilmer in the blue shirt?

And a completely animatronic "Beast" head...

Interesting, no? I hope I haven't managed to ruin your childhood, but "the Beast", the harbinger of your childhood fears, the English Mastiff of immense size who had a taste for yummy baseballs and the fear of adolescents was actually a team of two, incredibly sweaty men. Not so scary now, huh?

(Source: David Mickey Evans via Blogspot)


Did I ruin your childhood?


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