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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

There are few things better than kid's drawings. They're sweet, hilarious and just down right strange at times. But now that Christmas has come and gone, and the little ones in your family have gifted you with a little drawing, how do you react if it's something downright troubling and terrifying?

Consider that for a moment as we have a look at a few utterly horrendous kids' drawings!

A Chilling Warning

Yeah, this kid really doesn't like Sarah. How is she digging with her hair? That rather perturbing yet an incredible show of skill!

Dance of Death

This one is fairly self explanatory. What did the mom do to deserve this? Tell me. TELL ME!

Looks Lonely In Hell

What was being thought when this image was drawn? And what are the furry things? Are they all demonic shades? Satan looks pretty chuffed in his fiery pit.

Someone Made The Wrong Life Choices

The freedom of choice doesn't apply to this little one! Disbelieving in a omnipresent deity will condemn a soul to eternal damnation, resulting in being chained to a puddle of ketchup and mustard! THE HORROR!

Role Model

It's a family affair of sorts. This isn't particularly scary, but it is amazing.

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Children are pretty scary, right?


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