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Well, it's 2015. We've watched a lot of great movies last year. But there are some that you might have missed to watch. So, let's step inside the WABAC machine to go back in 2014 for a moment, eh?


So, let's start with Horror: THE BABADOOK

The Babadook is a psychological horror that horror fans will love. It doesn't have any cheap scares but it won't bore you for sure. The Babadook has a great story, a tight well written script and brilliant performances by the actors. It was first premiered at The Sundance Film festival and was met with universal critical acclaim. Definitely worth your time!

Okay, now let's move on to Fantasy: HORNS

Horns is a dark fantasy thriller film where the main character played by Daniel Radcliffe accused of murder and rape of his girlfriend uses his newly discovered paranormal abilities to find the real killer. I personally loved the film. It's dark, funny at times, emotional and a little bit dirty. It's nice to see Daniel Radcliffe exploring different roles after Harry Potter. Too good!

Now Comedy/Drama:

1. What if...

I will describe this film in one sentence: A breath of fresh air.

Daniel Radcliffe absolutely owned this year. Two great movies. I absolutely loved it!

2. Begin Again

This film has the Hulk. 'nuf said!

In all seriousness, the film is absolutely wonderful! Fine simple story, great performances and really good music. What else do you need?

3. Life after Beth

It's a pretty cool zom-com starring Dane DeHaan, Aubrey Plaza, John C. Reilly and Molly Shannon. Definitely worth a watch!

And finally Action/Adventure:

1. Need for Speed

Yes, Need for Speed. You read that right. It was less hyped and met with mixed to negative reviews from critics. I don't know why but the movie was awesome to be really honest. Yeah, rhe story was simple, the motivations were simple but those were seriously overshadowed by the bada** high-octane car sequences! Highly entertaining. Great stuff indeed.

2. Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist

Yes, it went quite unseen by many but let me assure you that you won't regret watching it. This mainly started off as a Web series. And then went to TV as a 140+ minutes long TV movie. Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist pushed fan service to next level. The director (Akuma) and the creative team nailed it! And the actors do look the part and did a really fine job. The action is brilliant! It recieved positive reviews from pop culture sites. It's just way much better than the last two mainstream movies came out years ago which were plain bogus. Glad to see them starting from the very beginning. I just cant wait for the sequel!

You need more? Then watch these two brilliantly awesome animated features, The Book of Life and Mr. Peabody and Sherman.

Well, there you go. I hope you guys watch those movies and enjoy as much as I did.

If you have watched any great movies from last year and want to recommend, you know where you can find me.


Which of these are you looking forward to watch?


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